Secure Holiday Resort


The cloud has secure encrypted connections to the alarm systems in the holiday homes.

Guards, caretakers or other trusted persons use a surveillance app, to monitor and handle all burglar, fire and panic alarms according to instructions given by the homeowner.

Live video and saved pictures upon alarm ensures correct handling of any event.


Connect gateway to power and internet, and place the wireless sensors in the home.

Install surveillance app on one or more standard PCs and add the alarm systems to be monitored.

Maintenance summary in the surveillance app shows the health of all connected alarm systems.


Use the existing infrastructure of the home to keep installation expenses to a minimum.

Wireless sensors make it possible to install in old houses as well as new houses.

Use existing caretakers/guards to maintain systems and to monitor and handle alarms all year round.

image of secure holiday resort
image of secure holiday homes
image of secure golf resort
image of safe holiday houses