Privacy Camera

Why Privacy Cameras

At home, people want to feel private and safe. But when cameras points at them, they fear to become exposed and insecure. Cosesy is the exclusive provider of a privacy function for cameras combining surveillance with privacy. People with privacy cameras will buy and install more cameras than other home owners.

You can offer cloud storage of camera pictures to your customers. It is an extra recurring income for you, and a great service to your customers. The privacy functions only stores pictures of a burglar and not the home owners.

How It Works

When you are at home the camera lens will point against the wall or ceiling. When you leave, the camera turns and monitors the house. Watch live video of your home while away and get the opportunity to store pictures taken by burglary, fire or panic. All pictures are considered private. Security personnel’s access is permitted only in connection with an alarm.

A camera monitors motion. If triggered, then the camera will quickly upload snapshots in high quality to the cloud servers for safe storage. The snapshots are then accessible from the smartphone apps.

A Good Business

If you sell Cosesy based alarm systems and cameras, then you are invited to earn more on additional services, such as cloud based picture storage. You can even reach the customers directly from the burglar alarm apps and sell accessory from there. Cosesy privacy cameras makes your customers buy more, and you will easily connect to the customers with a demand for more accessories.

Recurring income from your existing customers will increase the value of your business and ensure a predictable revenue.

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