You know your market and customers better than we do. We have built a flexible system that supports different subscription models.

Free Subscription

Sell your security system without subscription

Recurring subscription

Earn money on recurring subscriptions

Services on-demand

Offer professional security solutions on demand

Our flexible business models makes it possible to tailor a solution that suits the demands of you and your market. Contact us to find a model that suits you.


Regardless of your selected subscription model, you get the benefits of all Cosesys features and services, which make you earn more on your home security system.

Free Services

Customers enjoy free services. Cosesy give you the opportunity to offer our basic security services to your customers for free.

Hardware connected to the Cosesy Cloud benefit from a lifetime cloud operation guarantee with apps for iOS and Android. Free services include e.g. global remote access, e-mail and push notification by burglary, fire and gas, live stream video from compatible cameras, in-app shop. Joining our ALMA Reward Program give you the opportunity to get an OEM Version of our app, with corporate styling.

Professional security services

Professional security features, which require the end-users payment, are available on-demand or as a permanent service paid by a recurring fee.

Customers, feeling the need of a higher security level during their holiday, or when they are away from home, can enable advanced security services on-demand. The end-customer enables the services in the app and a secure payment procedure follows. End-customers feeling the need of permanent professional security features can sign up by accepting a recurring fee.