Works with the Google Assistant

Why Google Assistant

Secure your home with hands-free help from the Google Assistant:

  • Voice control of power switches and alarms is expected by end-users these days
  • Forget about phones and remote key fobs. In a hurry, then it cannot become more convenient
  • Integrates with everyday routines. "I'm home", "I'm leaving", "Goodnight"
  • End-users can easily integrate other brands of smart-home gadgets working with the Google Assistant. Such as cams, locks, and light bulbs to control the hue
  • Speak to your car: "Protect my estate" - to close the garage, turn lights off, arm the alarm, activate cams..

Cosesy was one of the first to integrate a security system with the Google Assistant. Cosesy knows how to adjust the hardware, apps, cloud and features to get it all working with the Google Assistant.

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Cosesy works with the Google Assistant