What is Cosesy Cloud

Cosesy cloud is a data center specialized for handling security systems. All security systems that are connected to Cosesy cloud can be accessed by the end-user through apps on smart phones.

Cosesy cloud is developed, operated and maintained in Denmark since 2010.

Having a security system added to our cloud gives the end-user, the distributor and the manufacure of alarm systems access to well-know operations but also new and unique features.

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Facts about the cloud

  • Sent more than 10 mio notifications
  • 20 GB data is analyzed every day
  • Solved more than 100.000 alarms
  • 99.991 % up-time


Daily operation

Setup system

Excellent Features

  • Privacy protected camera
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • In-app video guides
  • Centralized support and monitoring module


  • For Android/iPhone/iPad
  • Customize with logo and colors
  • Available worldwide
  • Supports multiple languages

Marketing through app

  • Direct marketing
  • Compose your own messages
  • Get response from customers
  • Stay in touch with customers

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  • Secure
  • Encrypted
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Challenge-response remote control

Notifications - how does it work

With Cosesy cloud the end-user of the alarm system:

  • is immediatly informed if a burglary, fire or panic alarm is detected
  • is informed if the connection to the alarm system is lost (system removed, internet connection lost)
  • is informed if a sensor is out of battery
  • is informed if a sensor is malfunctioning
  • can be informed when someone is coming home or leaving the home
  • can select their favorite notication mechanisms i.e. push messages, e-mail, voice phone calls

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owner receives notifcation on phone
Cosesy cloud analyzes data

How is data analyzed

Cosesy cloud has a live connection to every security system using the cloud. Via the live connections the cloud continously receives data from all the systems.

The cloud analyses incoming data from the central unit and connected sensors. If an alarm is detected, i.e. sensor is triggered, an alarm notification is instantly sent. The cloud monitors the state of all sensors and informs if a sensor is malfunctioning, e.g. out of battery, or connection to sensor is lost.

If the live connection is interrupted, e.g. internet connection lost or system is tampered, then a notification message is sent immediatly.

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How to identify the cause of an alarm

With Cosesy cloud it easy for the end-user of the security system to identify what has happened.

The notification informs which sensor was triggered, i.e. upon a burglar attempt, the user can see the type and location of sensor. In the app, the end-user has a complete overview of all events related to the system. This can be used to identify whether an alarm is triggered by fault.

Using the app, the end-user also has a live camera view from the house to see the current situation. The picture cloud storage service enables the user to see pictures taken of movement in front of the camera when the system is in arm mode. The pictures may be important evidence in clarification of a crime.

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with Cosesy crimes may be solved
sale of services on-demand

Popular on-demand services

Cosesy supports selling services on-demand. The end-users purchases services when they need extra security e.g. when they are abroad and their house looks empty.

Sale of services on-demand is rising and we see a significant increase in services around holidays.

Our distributors have earned three times more during the holidays.

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Voice Phone Call Service

Notification by phone call ensures that users become aware of all alarms. When abroad the user can activate a dial up service, and receive a phone call if a burglar or fire alarm triggers.

The service allows three different numbers to be called. The service is calling the phones in prioritized order, until one of the phones are picked up.

The services can be on-demand i.e. the end-user pay when the service is necessary or it can be permanently active as part of subscription.

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Voice call on alarm
earn more with on-demand services delivered by Cosesy

Earn extra with on-demand services

Cosesy supports selling services on-demand i.e. the end-user pays when a service is activated.

The services are developed, maintained and delivered by Cosesy. With a cash back to distributors for each service sold, we ensure that on-demand services are a success for end-users, distributors and us.

The services are sold in the app and delivered in the app, meaning no extra effort for the distributor. Services not selected by the user is high-lighted to ensure that people are aware of the services.

Our distributors earn on customers throughout their lifetime.

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