Here you find details of ALMA (ALarm MAnagement) application

ALMA (ALarm MAnagement) is based upon Internet connected hardware, Cosesys cloud and a surveillance application.

The surveillance app can be installed on a standard PC running Windows©. It may be installed on one or multiple locations and facilitates that one or more people monitors the connected alarm systems.

All information regarding any alarms, connection lost and battery warnings are monitored in the surveillance app. When a burglar alarm, fire alarm or a panic alarm occurs, the surveillance app makes a loud alarm sound, ensuring attention to the alarm.

The surveillance apps shows which sensor triggered the alarm and who to notify. If a camera is connected, live video and stored images can be seen in a limited amount of time. This give the security team, unique tools to determine whether it is a true alarm and react immediately.

Statistics for number of alarm events, type of events and their state are shown, to follow progress and prioritize work of the security team.